Two Pence Note Imitation

Imitation Two Pence Note (5 December 1809). The center text reads, “I Promise to pay to Spouter, Swearlie & Promptspeech, / Affidavit Makers, or Bearer, Two Pence, when Coughing, Sneezing or the / Bowel-easing Flatus, shall, By a Westminster Jury, be deemed a flagrant breach / of the Kings Peace, or, constitute the fundamentals of a wicked conspirary [sic] / London, the 5th day of December, 1818 / For Self, Sneezer, Cougher & Windcracker, / OP. Pence / Two / Entd Evergreen Laurel.” To the left of the text are concentric circles that enclose the profile of Kemble wearing a fool’s cap inscribed: “The Head is Folly / Arrogance the Heart.” The text outside inner circle says, “’Tis strange such difference should be, twixt Spouting Jack and Fam’d O.P.” and “Know ye, that it is the Birthright of a Briton, to be tried by his Equals.” Above: “‘When Justasses take bail for f—rt—ng! / Tis time this Land & I were parting.’ L.” Below: “‘The British Voice by nature free, / Cries “Give me Death or Liberty’ L.” Courtesy of the British Museum.